In the shop (45 Main St), we have a full bike repair shop set up and a qualified mechanic! We have access to many different brands and types of bike components. If your bike requires repair, whether that is a small adjustment, general tune up, or even a full overhaul, we can handle that in a timely fashion! Feel free to bring your bike in any time that we are open! All estimates and quotes are free for your bike at all times! We are very happy to help you get your bike fixed up and get you back out there riding!

Our mechanic is in the shop every day we are open (W-F 11-7, Sat/Sun 10-5). Please feel free to call the shop with any questions at 315-714-3255.

All assessments/estimates are free of charge.

*All labor prices do not include any required parts.

Safety Check - $20.00

General Service - $54.99


Premium Service - $79.99

Includes the same services as the General Service, plus:


Ultimate service - $124.99

Includes the same services as General and Premium services, plus:


Wheel True - $14.99

Tension all spokes and adjust wheel dish when necessary to facilitate a straight and effective wheel

Wheelset = $25.99


Spoke Replacement - $24.99

Replace broken/damaged spokes and true wheel


Flat fix - $7.99

Replace inner tube and inspect rim tape and tire interior to determine cause of flat

Note: Inner tube not included in price


Rear Derailleur Adjust - $14.99

Adjust cable tension, hi/low limits, and B-tension to optimize shifting performance


Front Derailleur Adjust - $14.99

Adjust cable tension, hi/low limits, and derailleur height/yaw to optimize shifting performance


Brake Adjust - $14.99

Adjust cable tension, brake toe, pad alignment, and inspect pad-wear as necessary to optimize braking power

Hydraulic: Recenter brake caliper on rotor and inspect pads for wear


Brake Bleed - $29.99

Flush brake fluid to remove air and revitalize brake power and feel

Note: Not included in services except for the Ultimate Service.


Bike Clean/Lube - $24.99

Clean bike and lube chain


Bike Build from box - $64.99

Assemble/tune bike- service is equivalent to General Service


Tubeless Set-up - $24.99

Per wheel, includes sealant/valve stem/rim tape


Box a bike - $49.99

Break bike down and box it properly

Must supply box/packing material and/or bag


** Payment is due at the time of pickup, items not picked up within 14 days will be charged an additional $1/day, items not picked up within 30 days will be considered abandoned.